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Call It Wonder
an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel


Winner of the 2015 Bi Book Award for "Best Memoir" and "Writer of the Year"


"A joy to read." - T.O.M. Book Award


Who hasn't dreamed of chucking it all to live a traveling life?


Yet two months after Kate and her husband Dave leave home to live on the road, she awakes in the grips of a seizure. The diagnosis of a brain tumor comes at a terrible time: It is their first-year wedding anniversary, and they have no home. Soon, though, this medical adventure becomes integral to their journey. Paralleling this story are Kate's painful and often humorous exploits of body, mind, and spirit--including frank explorations of her life as a lover of men and women, a caregiver to dying parents, and an inspired but overwhelmed teacher who longs to write.



"A brave and epic collection." - Anne Jennings Paris


"Kate Evans takes us from the dreamlike moonscape of a failed marriage through the alienated ravings of a middle-aged woman pursuing sexual misadventure, and finally arriving in the sensual present of new love against the backdrop of foreign cities. Throughout the book, she retains tight control over form and language, winking at us with sly rhymes and surprising line breaks. Target comes to us as sweet and juicy as ripe fruit from the achingly honest, increasingly expansive voice of an adventurer who has awakened to herself." - Anne Jennings Paris

For the May Queen


"Funny, poignant, and ultimately a testament to lasting friendship." - Collin Kelley


It’s 1981, and seventeen-year-old Norma Rogers’ parents drop her off at the college dorms. Soon, Norma finds herself drunk and nearly naked with three strangers. The strip poker event is the first of many experiences that prompt Norma to question who she is and who she wants to be.


Norma’s relationships with an array of characters induce her to grapple with society’s messages about women, sex, and freedom. Many tumultuous events take Norma through an array of troubles, pleasures, and thrills. In the midst of these incidents, Norma reflects on her desire for freedom (sexual and otherwise). Ultimately Norma comes to see that there are many ways to live and love.

Complementary Colors


"Resplendent with the grace and wonder that accompany self-discovery." - Jane Pupek


"Kate Evans has struck gold again with her second novel, Complementary Colors. Gwen Sullivan's self-discovery and exploration of her sexuality is one of the most realistic 'coming out' stories that I've ever read. It's organic, it's moving, and since both Evans and her heroine are poets, every line sings." - Collin Kelley

Negotiating the Self
Identity, Sexuality, and Emotion in Learning to Teach


"An exciting and important book." - William F. Pinar

"In this nuanced text, Kate Evans helps us understand how we negotiate the difficult terrain of self and identity, and how our identities impact our work as teachers. Evans' keen insights force us to reflect on our own lives." - Bill Tierney