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Want to write?

Want to break through writer’s block?

Want to explore and enjoy your creativity?


my self-paced, online writing course

“It brought back my creative flow.”



"Take her class! It is practical, engaging, and soul sustaining."

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Participant feedback from the Thailand writing retreat that took place in September 2017:

"This whole thing was transformative for me. The people, the place, all just stellar."

"This was an amazing experience for me. I really needed to take a time out from my daily grind to sleep, play and experience something new. My biggest takeaway came through in my writing. I'm a big fan of trying all kind of healing modalities and it's been some time where I've turned inwards with pen on paper."

"Re-discovering that we usually have the answers to the questions we bring to retreats. takes skillful mediation and an open group to give those answers room to emerge. The exercises we walked through, particularly the non-traditional mind mapping, were very helpful. I was able to reconnect with some of the things that called me to writing years ago."

"Sharing the writing time, the energy, the breakthroughs was so great and so inspirational."

"I rewrote my opening chapter completely and LOVE IT. That everyone else’s breakthrough moments were as exciting as mine.

It brought back my creative flow and it got me back to my book which had stalled for a while. I feel excited again."

Past retreat in Thailand, September 2017:

"I have renewed my dedication to my writing...and myself."
What is the story you've always really wanted to write?
Join us for a transformational writing retreat on the wonderful Thai island of Koh Phangan. This one-of-a-kind event will take place at The Sanctuary, one of the most beautiful and unique island resorts in the world.
Write the story you've always wanted to write with an intimate community of writers in this gorgeous, fun, safe environment. Guided by Kate Evans and Brian Gruber--two passionate, experienced authors/teachers--learn to tap into the rich vein of creative power that exists in us all. With power and intention, start or complete the project that means the most to you.
Refresh your mind, body and creative spirit. 
Enjoy inspirational sessions, yoga, meditation, beach walking, swimming, exploring, excellent food, relaxation...and lots of time to write. Experienced and new writers are welcome.
"Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I was so inspired."
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