Need an editor?

Want support?

I help writers unleash and shape their stories.


"I am so impressed with your editing talent."

Karen Lynch, author of Good Cop, Bad Daughter

"The changes you brought to the book were obviously key to my finding an agent.

You are gold!" - Tom

"You are just what I needed to grow as a writer." - Shelley

I can help you:

* finish your book 

* discover what you really want to say

* craft your prose 

* keep a writing project moving forward
* edit a manuscript to professional standards

* make decisions about marketing and publishing


I also:

* do quick turnaround edits on shorter pieces.


"I greatly appreciate your support and especially the level of craft

you bring to my project."  - Richard


"Kate edits my family travel blog and my business website.

 She makes my messages clearer." -  Renee



















Manuscript Edit: to correct typos, grammar, punctuation, syntax to professional standards: $800

Developmental Manuscript Edit (1 Reading): 2-4 page feedback on structure, pacing, development, characterization, syntax, grammar, etc. and email/phone/in-person consultations: $1,400

Developmental Manuscript Edit (3 Readings): First reading same as above; two more readings to guide ongoing development and revision and a complete line edit, plus ongoing consultations: $3,500


Coaching fees:

Various rates (contact me) to read and respond to 10-20 pages a week that you submit on deadline. Can also include tailor-made assignments, suggested readings, regular phone consultations, etc.



I will write your book, article or blog for you. Depending on your project, the fee is $.25-$1 a word.

Other services:

Generally around $75/hour. Tell me your needs and I will quote you a price.

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